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  • Gain visibility to ramp up quickly on issue at hand

    New to Fintech, Crypto or Fund Management? Gain a quick footing with a range of Q&As based on relevant keywords picked up. Let us draw the legal concept connections for you.

  • Land at the right legislation or regulatory material

    Answers from all relevant legislation and regulatory sources in one place, easily navigable as you input your query. FinReg crawls documents from SSO, MAS, PDPC, IRAS, PDPC and more.

  • Access qualified professionals that match your query

    Get full access to a curated directory of professionals via their written commentaries on the issue you are querying on.

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faster in initiating application process independently or via engaging a professional

The INTELLLEX platform has been very helpful in assisting me to locate the necessary precedent within a short amount of time and get a grasp of the firm's knowledge base
Carmen Ko, Associate at a major mid-sized law firm

Quick understanding with blurb answers before deep diving

Read top level answer blurbs to help you decide whether to dive into the details within the legislation, regulatory documents and written commentaries. FinReg aggregates everything in one place and makes information easy to navigate and consume.

Smarter search enabled by proprietary retrieval methodology

Explore our driving technologies

    Search across public cases by jurisdiction and uploaded internal submissions and sieve through all useful paragraphs in a single interface


    Get relevant paragraphs as system retrieves via identified concepts found in close proximity within the document

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Here's what we have done so far.

  • Keep your internal policy up to date with regulatory changes

    Stay on top of applying regulatory changes to your internal policies though a knowledge management system. We can sync your system to our platform.

  • Get notified of news on topic channels you follow

    We understand the need to stay abreast on topics of an industry that is fast evolving. We can get notifications set up based on the topics of your interest.

  • Targeted lead generation from your published content

    FinReg platform uses algorithm matching to place commentaries at the relevant Q&As frames. Your content will fall on the eyes of the right audience.