INTELLLEX @ Singapore Fintech Festival

Chang Zi Qian
Chang Zi Qian

Co-Founder and CEO

INTELLLEX @ Singapore Fintech Festival

Team INTELLLEX launched exactly a year ago during the Singapore Fintech Festival (The virtual version last year) and there has been so many twists and turns since we have launched.

Today, in addition to professional services firms, we find ourselves talking to more fintech, payments, crypto companies and we finally got to meet some of our customers at the Singapore FinTech Festival this week after a long hiatus.

Over the past 1 year, we learnt the following and we hope to share them with the community
1. Companies / firms find that the lead generation ROI of their company website is very low and they are looking for other digital avenues to improve that aspect of their business. --> professional knowledge driven lead generation/content marketing
2. Companies want to present their internal knowledge into bite size content for client education purposes for investor/customer education purposes. ---> (Q&A knowledge)
3. Visitors to our customer's website desire a better search and categorisation experience. They want to be able to find the content they want in the shortest amount of time ---> (Adapting INTELLLEX's AI search and categorisation capabilities for our customers)

Glad to have connected with all our new friends at the Singapore FinTech Festival earlier this week, looking forward to catch up with you after such an awesome week at the conference!

(Singapore is really bustling with energy with energy this week. Picture at Lau Pa Sat shows it all)