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Chang Zi Qian
Chang Zi Qian

Co-Founder and CEO

Launch of

In 2020, INTELLLEX was invited to work on a financial services regulation KM product where we were first introduced to the regulatory advisory/compliance space. After which, we started to see a surge in the number of queries we had received from Fintech and Blockchain companies (startups and FIs included) for knowledge products in the Financial regulatory domain.

Many of them simply asked us “Do you provide smart search for Fintech related law?” Those were indications of an untapped opportunity.

We then started to spend time to learn and better understand the Singapore Fintech regulatory landscape, specifically, the #paymentservices , #cryptoregulation , #fintech space. We spoke to founders, head of compliance, general counsel, academics etc. We learnt that many foreign Fintech startups are interested in expanding into Singapore and they face difficulty accessing and understanding Singapore regulations governing Cryptocurrency and Fintech activities. Some frequently asked questions include:

What MAS regulations apply to businesses that attract crypto payments?
What is the Travel Rule in Singapore?
Does the transfer of crypto fall under money transfer services?

We’re proud to announce the launch of the latest addition to the INTELLLEX product suite -, an intelligent regulatory knowledge platform for Fintech and Cryptocurrency startups. The platform is free to access and it provides aggregated bite size Q&A in plain English (minimal legalese), making complex financial regulations easily understood.

As part of our launch, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked regulatory questions to share with our community.

You can download a list of FAQs on MAS regulations specially created for fintech & crypto founders looking to expand to Singapore here:

We look forward to connecting with Fintech Founders and professionals in the Fintech regulatory space so that we can learn from you. Cheers!