efficient search and retrieval

The algorithm powered librarian that fetches you the right answer

Access the knowledge epicentre of your firm by retrieving or discovering documents you need directly via search. STACKS auto indexes and organises all your internal documents by legal concepts.

How STACKS sits in our workflow

How our existing clients use STACKS

Efficiently retrieve internal documents in a maze of folders
Already know what you are looking for and need directing? STACKS gets you to the right document by deriving the legal concepts in your search query.
Discover connections of legal concepts upfront
Getting a footing on an issue? As you go about your search, STACKS shows you related concepts that is connected to what is understood in your search query.
Seamlessly migrate to a legal concept based index system
With a simple folder level upload, STACKS auto-indexes all documents to be searchable by legal concept, filterable by document type and owner.
more knowledge connections between documents
The INTELLLEX platform has been very helpful in assisting me to locate the necessary precedent within a short amount of time and get a grasp of the firm’s knowledge base,
– Carmen Ko, Associate at a major mid-sized law firm
A live library with easy knowledge upkeep
Further customise the taxonomy used to index documents through powerful administrator-level features. STACKS makes it effortless to maintain your “living library” on the fly.
Smarter search enabled by proprietary retrieval methodology
Explore our driving technologies
aggregation of sources
Search across public cases by jurisdiction and uploaded internal submissions and sieve through all useful paragraphs in a single interface
Get relevant paragraphs as system retrieves via identified concepts found in close proximity within the document
semantic search
Our search engine understands your query by identifying multiple legal concepts via our proprietary taxonomy
Hit the ground running starting with STACKS base plan
as low as $45 per month
Base plan
Easily search across internal documents that is organised by legal concept and document type.

Plan coverage:
Auto index uploaded documents
Customize taxonomy easily
Toggle between conceptual and natural language search
Filter by legal concept, document type and document owner
Auto suggest legal questions
$50 / MONTH
save 10% by committing a year
We provide the service of porting your firm’s existing documents with a new taxonomy
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Display relevant paragraphs of the fetched document in the search result list view
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pull external sources
We implement spiders to crawl information from external regulatory sites and aggregate them as part of your search results