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Knowledge Management Services
INTELLLEX as your firm's librarian

With INTELLLEX as your firm librarian, your firm's key research knowledge database will be kept in order at a fraction of the costs of a full time hire. Starting at $500/month, INTELLLEX's Knowledge Management as a service offering helps provide your team with the edge they need for research. It's like having a research assistant without hiring one.

How Knowledge Management sits in your workflow

We are ready to advise you on how to file and organise materials

Step 1
Consultation session to learn about firm’s practice
Step 2
Taxonomy set up
Step 3
Quarterly / 6 month Taxonomy Review
Enjoy the benefits of an in-house law librarian without spending overheads on a full time hire
Reduced time spent on future work, with better quality
Leverage on the efforts of previous work done instead of reinventing the wheel every time a new piece of research is needed. Reduce hassle to dig through past case files because information are disorganised hence, difficult to find. A well organised library is the best research assistant.
Knowledge management is a necessary support function
Constantly churning ahead, there isn't sufficient bandwidth to revisit previous work done and to meticulously file them in accordance to a well designed taxonomy after a case is completed. Knowledge management, as a support function, ensures that the intangible knowledge assets belonging to the firm are organised for future reference.
Get started with a smarter way of managing knowledge
KM Service
Base plan
Easily migrate into a librarian based system that is organised by legal concept and document type.

Plan coverage:
INTELLLEX to collect and upload submissions, research notes, bundles of authorities etc onto any of the firm's desired platform (monthly)
INTELLLEX to help organise the materials in any manner instructed by the client. (monthly)
INTELLLEX may suggest a taxonomy on how to organise the knowledge materials
starting from
$500 / MONTH
annual contract invoiced monthly
Easily search across internal documents that is organised by legal concept and document type
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Display relevant paragraphs of the fetched document in the search result list view
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