taxonomy-based retrieval

Knowledge Management Services

INTELLLEX as your firm's librarian

With INTELLLEX as your firm librarian, your firm's key research knowledge database will be kept in order at a fraction of the costs of a full time hire. Starting at $500/month, INTELLLEX's Knowledge Management as a service offering helps provide your team with the edge they need for research. It's like having a research assistant without hiring one.

How Knowledge Management sits in your workflow

  • 1. Forward

    Simply direct us to where knowledge can be captured in your existing workflow, then leave the heavy-lifting to us
    • CC us in your file-closing emails
    • Grant us read-only access to where knowledge documents are stored, for automated daily 'pull' via:
      • shared drive processors
      • website crawlers
      • API calls (DMS, Sharepoint)
  • 2. Process for Knowledge

    Taxonomy-based profiling of knowledge
    • Legal Topics
    • Legal Document Type
    • Legal Propositions
    • Client Name
    • etc. (Free consultation available!)
  • 3. Populate Online Library

    Ready-to-use online platform for knowledge retrieval, without further work from your fee earners!

We are ready to advise you on how to file and organise materials

  • Step 1

    Consultation session to learn about firm's practice

  • Step 2

    Taxonomy set up

  • Step 3

    Quarterly / 6 month Taxonomy Review

Enjoy the benefits of an in-house law librarian without spending overheads on a full time hire

  • Reduced time spent on future work, with better quality

    Leverage on the efforts of previous work done instead of reinventing the wheel every time a new piece of research is needed. Reduce hassle to dig through past case files because information are disorganised hence, difficult to find. A well organised library is the best research assistant.

  • Knowledge management is a necessary support function

    Constantly churning ahead, there isn't sufficient bandwidth to revisit previous work done and to meticulously file them in accordance to a well designed taxonomy after a case is completed. Knowledge management, as a support function, ensures that the intangible knowledge assets belonging to the firm are organised for future reference.

Get started with a smarter way of managing knowledge

KM Service

Base plan

Easily migrate into a librarian based system that is organised by legal concept and document type.

Plan coverage:
  • INTELLLEX to collect and upload submissions, research notes, bundles of authorities etc onto any of the firm's desired platform (monthly)

  • INTELLLEX to help organise the materials in any manner instructed by the client. (monthly)

  • INTELLLEX may suggest a taxonomy on how to organise the knowledge materials

starting from$500 / MONTHannual contract invoiced monthly



    Search across judgments, commentaries and court submissions from across various jurisdictions on 1 platform.

  • FinReg

    Have a quick understanding of the regulatory landscape by requesting a regulatory knowledge memo.