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A.I.-backed contextual search that takes you to the right data in seconds. For every level of expertise.
Retrieve by legal dimensions
If you are familiar with the taxonomy of a specific area of law, browse and narrow down documents according to different levels of granularity.
Retrieve by semantic search
Do away with formulating multiple hit-or-miss queries. Our search understands the legal context of your query to yield relevant results.
Retrieve using a knowledge graph visualisation
If you are unfamiliar with an area of law, quickly explore the connections between related legal concepts and navigate to the right documents.
Semantic understanding across internal and external sources
Our crawlers parse a variety of documents on a level of granularity that uncovers useful paragraphs derived from connected concepts in your search query. The analysis will also unearth connections between documents, boosting efficiency of your discovery.
Graph-powered search finds the right documents without keywords
Our search engine automatically includes all related and associated terms to your query, so you don't have to formulate complex queries using Boolean operators.
Disambiguate between legal concepts
Contextualise legal terms of art to a specific context
Discover links between related concepts, regardless of their degrees of separation
Powered by your firm's enterprise knowledge graph
Combining sophisticated A.I. models and graph technologies, we automatically generate an enterprise knowledge graph to provide a deep understanding of the context of your documents. Know that you have covered all the bases in your work.
Bridge knowledge silos
Easily integrate external and internal knowledge resources onto a consolidated knowledge graph.
Grow the knowledge graph
Add connections in a scalable way, as knowledge resources grow and more discoveries are made.
Enriched context
Uncover established and inferred patterns in your knowledge base, that were previously impossible to search for.
Auto-classify knowledge
Deploy our pre-trained classification models to enrich metadata and surface knowledge dimensions such as legal topic, document type and industry etc.